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School security under microscope after 10-year-old runs away

Posted by on May 10, 2012

Parents and the media are questioning a Georgia elementary school’s security and supervision procedures after a 10-year-old fifth-grade student ran away from his elementary school on Tuesday. The student, Kit Colburn, was sent to the office around 8:45 a.m. but not reported missing to police until 12:19 p.m., according to a story by The Telegraph newspaper […]

Police handcuff Georgia kindergartner for tantrum or safety?

Posted by on April 18, 2012

A 6-year-old kindergartner from a Georgia school was handcuffed and removed from school by police after the student allegedly tore items off the walls, threw books and toys, threw a shelf that hit the principal in the leg, jumped on a paper shredder and tried to break a glass frame, according to an Associated Press […]

How to Protect Elementary Students from Harm

Posted by on August 19, 2010

An unusual student disappearance, unexcused student walk-away, or a stranger on an elementary school campus creates anxiety, fear, and often panic in a school-community.  The case of Kyron Horman, a second-grade Oregon student who has been missing since June 4th, 2010, has generated intense attention and discussion  on elementary school security issues.  The seven-year-old never […]

“Getting to School Safely” Video Tackles Widespread Elementary Safety Concerns

Posted by on July 22, 2010

School shootings get a lot of attention, but traffic and adult behavior at student drop-off and pick-up poses major safety concerns at many schools across the nation.  Some of the great challenges occur at elementary schools.  In our school safety assessments across the nation, we repeatedly find elementary principals frustrated with juggling school buses, massive parent […]

Re-Examining Elementary School Security: Kyron Horman 2nd-Grader Disappearance Triggers Portland Security Changes

Posted by on June 9, 2010

A Portland second-grader missing from his elementary school has triggered a search, parent anxiety, and questions over elementary school security. Last Friday, second-grader Kyron Horman disappeared from the halls of Skyline School in Portland, Oregon.  He was last reportedly seen attending a science fair with this stepmother. During an interview on the incident for a […]