How to Protect Elementary Students from Harm

Posted by on August 19, 2010

An unusual student disappearance, unexcused student walk-away, or a stranger on an elementary school campus creates anxiety, fear, and often panic in a school-community. 

The case of Kyron Horman, a second-grade Oregon student who has been missing since June 4th, 2010, has generated intense attention and discussion  on elementary school security issues.  The seven-year-old never arrived in his classroom after attending a science fair at the school with his step-mother.  The step-mother has since been a rumored person of interest in the case.

In the July/August issue of District Administration Magazine, I authored an article entitled, “Protecting Elementary School Students from Harm.”  It is a quick read and one-page, but loaded with 12  practical, cost-effective things school can do to better protect elementary school students.

In the article, I highlight a dozen prevention and preparedness measures which can help reduce elementary school safety risks and improve crisis preparedness.  Some tips for better protecting elementary students include:

  • Enhancing supervision
  • Staying on top of custody issues
  • Train students not to open doors and to report strangers
  • Train staff on reporting hostile and threatening individuals

Check out Protecting Elementary School Students from Harm for more tips.

Would your school know what to do to handle a high-profile elementary school safety incident and reassure parents?

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