School Bus Driver & Transportation Safety Training

National School Safety and Security Services has over 20 years of experience in supporting school transportation officials in increasing staff awareness on school bus safety, security and emergency planning, while maintaining balance and common sense.

Many school bus driver training programs focus on how to drive the bus. But this is only half of the job. We train school bus drivers how to manage safety issues on the bus to protect students from threats from both within and outside of the bus.

School Transportation News, in its November 30, 2006, issue, reported that the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) called for renewed security training for school bus drivers. In a resolution passed by its members, NASDPTS was reported to call for all school bus driver training to include, but not be limited to, training on personal safety, parental custody issues, crimes (vandalism, theft, assault), hijackings, and possession of dangerous materials or weapons. The organization also reportedly encouraged all school districts to ensure that all drivers complete a security training program.

Our professional development training for school bus drivers and transportation administrators includes topics on preventing and managing violence aboard school buses, “heightened security” awareness and procedures, the impact of terrorism on school transportation safety, and emergency preparedness planning for transportation service operations. Our trainers are career K-12 school security professionals with over 20 years of experience working in school districts with transportation services and as national consultants on school security and emergency preparedness issues.

School Bus Driver Security Training

Program topics include:

  • The latest trends in school violence threats to safety
  • The impact of terrorism on school security and transportation services
  • School buses as potential targets of terrorism
  • Practical steps for “heightened security” and emergency planning for transportation operations
  • The role of transportation services in school emergency preparedness planning
  • The bus as the school’s most potentially dangerous environment
  • Bus supervision issues
  • Preventing and managing violence incidents on the bus
  • Use of space, “command voice” and related intervention techniques
  • What to expect if police respond to your bus
  • Bus emergency plans and exercises

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