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We help superintendents, school boards, principals, and heads of schools simplify complex school security and emergency preparedness concerns while navigating the pressures from uncertainty around school safety issues. Let us help you:

  • Strengthen security and emergency preparedness best practices
  • Save school leadership time by simplifying complex school safety issues
  • Navigate community school safety concerns and communications


We save school administrators time and save their credibility as school safety leaders.

Our seasoned school safety experts are:

  • PreK-12 school people with voices of reason who undertstand school climate, culture, and community-relations.
  • Skilled at cutting through the noise to identify what is really important and to simplify complex school safety, security and emergency preparedness issues.
  • Highly credentialed, credible, cutting-edge, and accomplished with decades of school safety experience.


Experts you can trust.

Kenneth S. Trump, Ed.D., is the President of National School Safety and Security Services. As a career preK-12 school security professional, school safety is his mission.  "Dr. Ken" has been making schools safer for more than four decades.

Ken speaks at conferences and consults with schools to assess security and crisis preparedness, and provides expert witness litigation services. He leads a team of experts in school safety, security, and emergency preparedness.

Ken has authored 3 books and more than 450 articles on school safety. Ken earned a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Education with a research focus on the intersection of school administrator strategic crisis leadership with school safety communications in highly ambiguous and uncertain contexts. Learn more here


Do you know what is missing from your school security and emergency preparedness plans?

         We do...

Superintendents, school boards, and heads of private schools hire us to help answer the pressing questions about school safety that your parents expect you to know!

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NEW  SCHOOL SAFETY ROUNDTABLES: Virtual safety consultation and professional development services for safety/crisis/emergency and school leadership teams

Our virtual tailored consultation support and professional learning brings experienced, credentialed, and trusted school safety experts to the table with your school’s safety leaders — without the big costs!

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School Safety Leadership in Times of High Ambiguity and Uncertainty:  Strategic Crisis Leadership and School Safety Communication Lessons for School Leaders

Presentation length:  1 to 4 hours, or tailored to client needs

Audiences: Superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, cabinet and leadership teams, school board members, heads of independent or parochial schools, charter school heads, school communications executives, school security directors and chiefs, police chiefs and sheriffs

You can survive the hot button school safety issue or crisis incident, but can you survive the leadership, political, and communications challenges that come along with it?  Designed exclusively for school leaders and executives, this session examines the research and best practices on how to be strategic school safety and crisis leaders. Learn what to say, when to say it, and how to say it when communicating school safety, security, and emergency preparedness issues to stakeholders.

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Ken’s most popular program:

Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning: Focusing on the Fundamental, Nuts-and-Bolts Proven Best Practices for Managing School Safety 

Presentation length:  1 to 6 hours, or tailored two-day training programs

Audiences:  Principals, assistant principals, deans, school crisis teams, district crisis teams, psychologists, counselors, social workers, support staff (facilities, food services, health services, office staff, transportation, etc.), central office administrators, school communications directors and public information officers, school security directors, School Resource Officers (SROs), school security staff, community-based first responders, community mental health representatives, and other community partners

You and your teams are need guidance from a voice of reason with a blend of research, best practices, and historical knowledge in the school safety field. Learn the practical lessons from three decades of school safety hands-on work in schools and with school leaders. Join Dr. Ken Trump as he walks you through who should be on a school crisis/ emergency team and what the team should do, what drills are reasonable and which ones are risky, how to navigate school preparedness planning with first responders, engaging students in school safety prevention and planning, what should be in place for communicating school safety and crisis information, and much more.

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