School Safety Roundtables: Virtual conference, consultation, and training services for safety safety/crisis teams and school leadership teams


Virtual support brings experienced, trusted school safety experts to the table with your school’s safety and leadership teams — without the big in-person costs

How can school superintendents, principals and crisis teams, and heads of independent schools tap into the expertise of experienced and credible school safety, security, and emergency preparedness experts when budgets don’t allow for the travel expenses of bring national experts on-site to your schools?

Our virtual school safety support services provide smaller schools and school districts with budget limitations access to experienced and credentialed national school safety experts.

We live in times of high ambiguity, high uncertainty, and high anxiety around school and public safety.  Mass school shootings, shooting and bomb “swatting” digitally communicated to school offices, non-custodial parent and family issues, and “unknown unknowns” — things that would be nearly impossible to predict — are impacting school safety and emergency preparedness.

Amid all of these tensions and dynamics, our educators move forward with their own battles. Ever-changing federal and state mandates, tightening budgets, a new generation of superintendents and principals who have not been trained on school safety best practices, and many other time-consuming challenges face school leaders each day. Yet the most important concern to parents, students and teachers — school safety— cannot fall to the wayside or be inadvertently pushed to the back burner by these competing interests.

School Safety Roundtables offer school leaders cost-effective, individualized access to experienced and credentialed national school safety experts

Experience matters. School leaders want to be advised by experts they can trust. Reducing their school’s safety risks and liability risks depends upon solid guidance by credible school safety advisors.

But superintendents, principals, executive cabinet leadership, and heads of independent schools may not need a consultant to fly out to their schools. They may not even know exactly where they stand and what they need to do next. But they know they need to do something.

We are now providing new opportunities via virtual tools to bring our experts to meet with you and your safety/crisis teams, administrative leadership teams and/or public safety partners.  Today’s technology will help superintendents, principals, school boards, and independent school leaders tap into our decades of experience in school safety, security and emergency preparedness, through our School Safety Roundtable virtual consultation services.

You can bring experts with decades of national school safety, security and emergency preparedness expertise into your meeting room with your school safety planning and emergency/crisis teams, superintendents, principals, central office administrators, boards, independent school leadership, and/or public safety partners. We will share our latest insights on school security threats, best practices, and safety issues we see being played out in the courts of law and the courts of public opinion.  We will take individual questions and have conversations that in the past you could not have without traveling to a national conference or paying travel costs to bring consultants on-site.

Dr. Ken Trump, one of the nation’s leading school safety experts, can also be booked to virtually support professional learning meetings, conferences, and other professional gatherings.

And we will do it at costs that fit your tight budgets while allowing you to still demonstrate your continued commitment to moving school safety forward in your schools.

You and your colleagues may have questions and want to have a conversation about topics such as:

  • Where are we — and where should we be — with school emergency planning and reasonable security measures for our school?
  • We don’t have big problems and we have not had an incident, but we also don’t want one. We need to do something, but what is reasonable?
  • How can we proactively and more effectively communicate school safety issues to parents, staff, and students?
  • How to diversify school emergency preparedness drills without going over-the-top
  • How, as a superintendent or principal, or the head of an independent school, can I go about addressing some school-community relations or political challenges around school safety?
  • Who should be on our crisis teams and are we missing someone? What should the team be doing?
  • How do we balance our desire to have police on campus while still addressing community concerns about school-to-prison pipeline issues and avoiding student arrests for disciplinary, administrative matters?
  • School threats are being sent electronically and rumors are out of control. Parents want schools closed. Do we evacuate or stay put? What are the best practices with bomb and shooting threats?
  • We’re concerned about balancing our access control with keeping a friendly, welcoming climate. What can we do?
  • We have this unique situation. Have you seen this before and how might we approach it?

These are just a few of many topics for candid, relaxed conversations that can help you frame and reframe your school safety conversations.

Virtual School Safety Roundtable sessions can be tailored to meet your specific needs. They can range from one-on-one conversations with a superintendent, principal or Head of School to roundtable sessions with entire crisis teams.

Costs are calculated on a project-by-project basis. Background information will be requested for advance preparations to help our expert(s) focus our roundtable sessions to make the most of your limited time.

Send an email to Dr. Ken Trump or call us at 216-251-3067 to discuss your interests.