National School Safety and Security Services is an independent, non-product affiliated firm. We do not sell security or promote any specific security equipment or any specific vendors. We also do not endorse products.  As a private business firm, we also not participate in “campaigns” to promote specific issues, particularly when the “campaigns” are simply seeking sponsors or to have our firm promote their issues and projects at our expense.

Due to our normal workload and the overwhelming number of inquiries we receive from vendors, we are unable to provide free advice or consultation to vendors seeking to enter or expand in the school market.  We also do not have the ability to provide free consultation or promotion for organizations promoting various “campaigns” on special interests. Such requests will not be responded to by phone or e-mail.  We appreciate your respect of our position accordingly.

Likewise, we do not accept solicitations from vendors to review their products and/or services for informational purposes.  Vendors are asked not to attempt “back door” solicitations via introductions of their products and services as email “infomercials” or “thought you might want to be aware of” type emails.  We will seek out any business operations support services or products on our own, and we actively monitor developments in our field without the “assistance” of unsolicited emails.  Again, we appreciate your respect of our position that such emails “introducing” products and services should not be sent via unsolicited email.

We are not seeking “partnerships” with other business entities offering services that are directly or indirectly related to our business services and/or professional field. This includes, but is not limited to, partnerships, strategic alliances or other relationships with security hardware, product or service or vendors, tactical equipment or service providers, firearms or self defense trainers, or other business entities and individual providers.

Vendors are not authorized to use the name and images of Kenneth Trump, this company, its protected trade and/or services marks, its work products, and other materials to indicate or imply an endorsement of, or affiliation with, their products and services.

Please respect our policy and practices below by not submitting unsolicited pitches, infommercials, “back door” introductions, business “partnerships” offers, and related  emails.