“Getting to School Safely” Video Tackles Widespread Elementary Safety Concerns

Posted by on July 22, 2010

School shootings get a lot of attention, but traffic and adult behavior at student drop-off and pick-up poses major safety concerns at many schools across the nation. 

Some of the great challenges occur at elementary schools.  In our school safety assessments across the nation, we repeatedly find elementary principals frustrated with juggling school buses, massive parent vehicle lines, and students walking to and from school.  But wait:  Also factor in the landlocked facilities, older campus designs, limited parking, limited pick-up/drop-off lanes, distracted drivers, cell phones and text messaging adults, dangerous neighborhoods, and numerous other challenges.

It was a pleasant surprise when I learned this week about the Denver Public Schools‘ video entitled, “Getting to School Safely.”  After watching the 12 minute video from beginning to end, I quickly decided it is something that should be mandatory viewing for all parents who have children at elementary schools.

Getting to School Safely” tackles the sometimes ugly challenges of congestion around schools, driving habits at student drop-off and pick-up times, students weaving in and out of stopped and/or parked cars, jay-walking, hurried parents, and related challenges.  The video has a “Top Ten” list of hazards parents should avoid.  It has a steady pace, soundbites from various perspectives (parents, staff, administrators, school safety, etc.), and is professionally narrated.

The video was produced by the DPS Risk Management Department.  It has (appropriately) won a number of awards, including a recent Emmy award presented at a ceremony on Sunday, July 18th. 

What does your school district do to remind and encourage parents, students, and staff to heighten their awareness to safety issues around their schools at drop-off and pick-up times?

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