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How to do school safety drills while not colliding with COVID-19 safeguards

Posted by on July 18, 2020

Quick takeaways: Many educators have yet to tackle how they will conduct school safety drills which conflict with COVID-19 social distancing and related best practices State department of education have yet to provide any guidance to school leaders for active shooter, lockdown, fire, tornado, and other drills State-mandated drill requirements have yet to be temporarily […]

School crisis lockdown plans when students are in restrooms

Posted by on November 21, 2013

What do we do about students who are in the restroom when we announce a lockdown? This question is raised often during our school security assessment consulting and training presentations around the country. The issue has several variables schools must prepare for as they develop and refine their emergency guidelines. Don’t leave students stranded in restrooms […]

Chardon High School shooting analysis reveals safety challenges, what works

Posted by on March 30, 2012

Social media, reporting threats, drills, how schools can find out in advance about threats, and where we fall short in school safety were topics I discussed during an in-studio interview at the Cleveland ABC-affiliate on the evening of the nearby Chardon High School shooting. Are your schools prepared to prevent and manage a school shooting? Ken Trump Visit School Security […]

Lockdown Drills: Demand By-Name Accountability for School Staff

Posted by on October 27, 2010

Many principals struggle to muster up the courage to publicly call out their colleagues by name when staff drop the ball on the job.  But in school safety, one dropped ball can equate to many lost lives. High School Principal Effectively Uses By-Name Accountability for Lockdown Drill A veteran school security director friend shared a […]