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The Greatest School Security Liabilities Often Go Unseen

Posted by on June 2, 2010

School leaders often believe they have a school safety risk or liability in one area, when they are really much more vulnerable on entirely different issues. We know superintendents and school boards can tell when they have a hot-button issue related to school safety.  Increasingly, these issues are triggering parental, media, and/or other pressures on school leaders.  These […]

Knoxville School Shootings: Were they Foreseeable?

Posted by on February 14, 2010

An elementary school principal and assistant principal were allegedly shot by a teacher this past Wednesday.  It only took two days before news headlines started reading: Teacher who allegedly shot principals called a ‘time bomb’; School officials investigated negative claims about Foster Brother of alleged shooter at Inskip Elementary blames schools; Sibling says he warned […]