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Applying Continuous Improvement models to school safety: Strengthening school security and emergency preparedness to move from “good” to “great”

Posted by on November 21, 2019

As educators, especially those with graduate and doctoral degrees, you have been exposed to “continuous improvement” and “improvement science” models as a foundation for strengthening curriculum, instruction, and school leadership.  But are you applying continuous improvement models to school safety, security, and emergency preparedness, as well? Continuous improvement models and school safety In Learning to […]

School Safety Leader: Marie Waldrop

Posted by on August 16, 2010

A school principal is often referred to as the “captain” of his or her ship.  When a principal is new, sometimes you hear it said, “There is a new sheriff in town.”  But rarely do you find the principal (new or a veteran administrator) actually is also really a deputy sheriff. Unless, of course, Marie Waldrop […]

School Safety Leader: Matt McDevitt

Posted by on August 3, 2010

  Matt McDevitt is a school board member who does not just talk about school security.  He has served on the District Security Committee as Chairperson since 1997. As an elected member of the Pennsauken Board of Education in Pennsauken, New Jersey since 1995, Matt has served terms as President and Vice-President of the board.  […]

School Safety Leader: Dr. Karen Schulte

Posted by on July 26, 2010

  When you think of schools in the welcoming town of Janesville, Wisconsin, your first thought may not be about school safety.  But if you know Dr. Karen Schulte, the Superintendent of the School District of Janesville, you know school safety is one of her very first priorities. Dr. Schulte, or “Karen” as many of us know her, was appointed […]

School Safety Leader: Asia Jones

Posted by on March 8, 2010

You would not expect to find a school administrator responsible for the challenging areas of school safety, student health, discipline, truancy prevention/intervention, and alternative education to be smiling and upbeat every day. Of course, it is also not every day you meet someone like Asia Jones. Asia is the Executive Director for Student Services in Roanoke City Public […]

School Safety Leader: Dr. Gary Pack

Posted by on February 15, 2010

Dr. Gary Pack believes there are two important lessons all school administrators should know about school safety: You are never as prepared as you think you are, but a safety and security plan that is practiced and part of everything we do in our schools tends to make the critical incidents which do occur more manageable.  Solid communication networks are very much necessary […]

School Safety Leader: Dr. John Hutton

Posted by on February 8, 2010

Dr. John Hutton’s 35 years in education have taught him many important lessons.  His most important lesson on school safety: Be proactive! Dr. Hutton is Superintendent of Gurnee School District 56 in Gurnee, Illinois.  He served an assistant superintendent and building administrator in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Dr. Hutton was also a math teacher and a basketball coach in Portage, Indiana.    School […]

School Safety Leader: John Weicker

Posted by on February 1, 2010

John Weicker knows a lot about school security and discipline.  He has lived it every day for close to 19 years as Director of Security for Fort Wayne Community Schools in Indiana.  Experience and Passion Prior to taking on this district level role, John served as Dean of Boys at the largest of six Fort Wayne high […]