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Posted by on February 19, 2014

School administrators and safety officials now have a new one-stop resource for free information on the latest school safety news and opinion, analysis on hot topics, and topical resources for improving school safety, emergency preparedness, and communications efforts.

We spent the past three months here at National School Safety and Security Services working with our guru web developer, Mitch Canter of, to create a new site that brings everything together at for the thousands of people who follow and visit us. In one visit you will find our School Security Blog feed,  School Safety News Channel Facebook feed, @safeschools Twitter feed, and content-rich pages of school security, emergency preparedness, and communications hot topics, trending issues, and more.

Superintendents, school board members, principals, School Resource Officers (SROs), security directors, and others can now use the web site and/or directly connect to our School Safety News Channel Facebook page to get daily updates on school safety incidents and issues unfolding across the country.  Too often we have heard from those on the front lines of school safety that they have no single source for capturing a good feel for what other schools are experiencing  with security and crisis incidents. They do now:

Parents will also find growing resources for them on the site and its linked social channels. We will go deeper in 2014 to provide parents with questions to ask, specific things to look for, and how to foster the appropriate context for working with their school and safety officials to address safety at their schools. Parents know that our team is  not only made up of school safety consultants, but also parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family members who are not only consultants, but who are also advocates for school safety best practices.

News reporters will find our site and social channels to be even stronger sources for background information and story ideas. Our School Safety News Channel Facebook feed helps reporters see the school safety issues making news across the country so they better gauge what is going on in their areas.

Our blog (previously at has now been integrated into our web site at  School Security Blog will continue to be used to provide analysis, opinion, and a more in-depth look at issues requiring a deeper context and discussion than can be provided on Facebook or Twitter. While some consultants use their blogs to brag about how great they think they are or what contracts they received, School Security Blog will strengthen our site and social channels to best serve the needs of our readers with the latest rich content, analysis, opinion, and trending topics.

Our new site is also mobile responsive. Educators, safety officials, parents, reporters, and others are on the run. But they also demand more information to help them make better decisions. Our mobile-friendly site will help those who rarely get to sit down for a lengthy time to still stay current on school safety.

We invite your feedback and suggestions, and hope you find the new site and associated social channels

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