Police use school to train for active school shooting incident

Posted by on April 13, 2012

Active shooters have captured more of the public’s attention in K-12 schools, colleges and universities, and other public sites. While I have always emphasized not being alarmist and keeping context when discussing school shootings, it is prudent to include active shooter scenarios in training for law enforcement officials and their school partners.

In Shepherdsville, Kentucky, police used a school to train for an active school shooting incident this week and invited the media along. Take a moment to watch the video to get the impact of the training.

It is a best practice for schools to work with their law enforcement partners so first responders can become familiar with school building layouts and practice tactical responses to schools.

While odds are favorable that most schools will never experience an active shooter, those who have had this terrible experience know the value of practice and preparedness. This message was reinforced by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department officials after the Deer Creek Middle School shooting in Colorado a couple years back and, from school and safety officials at the February shooting death of three students and injury of two others in Chardon, Ohio.

Preparedness and commitment to school safety are demonstrated by actions, not just rhetoric. School and public safety officials must make it a priority to dedicate the time for training, reasonable exercises and planning.

Are your school and safety leaders prepared?

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