Top 10 school safety headlines for 2012

Posted by on January 2, 2012

Here are the top 10 school safety news headlines we could see, or probably should see, in 2012 based upon my assessment of school safety trends:

10.  Educators discover paying for reasonable security measures at school athletic events is more important than turning a profit at the gate.  

9.  School districts cave to common sense by improving school employee background checks.

8.  Anti-security critics shocked to discover malls, grocery stores, fast food restaurants and other public places have security cameras just like schools.

7.  Political activists stunned when focus of debate on school suspension and expulsion data shifts from racial politics to student behavior.

6.  Parents baffled to learn they, not school principals, must take the lead in addressing cyberbullying occurring at home, at night and on weekends.

5.  School police are under attack by civil rights special interest groups and they don’t even know it.

4.  President and Congress dumbfounded by parent demands to restore cut school safety funds following national tragedy.

3.  Educators and politicians stunned by parent backlash against asinine anti-bullying laws and politically-correct school anti-bullying policies.

2.  Parents call for firing, investigation of officials after students injured while attacking intruders carrying guns and explosives, as taught to do by school administrators and police.

1.  Lawsuits against schools skyrocket due to vague anti-bullying laws and negligent security claims stemming from school safety budget cuts.

What headlines could you add to the list?

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