School Safety Interview: Dr. Steve Sroka on School Violence Prevention – Part One

Posted by on February 11, 2010

Our first school safety video interview is with Dr. Steve Sroka, an international expert on school violence prevention and intervention, drug prevention, HIV, and teen sex issues.

Dr. Sroka talks about a number of key concepts on school safety and violence prevention:

  • Putting a human face on school safety
  • Keeping school safety on the front burner
  • People must think school safety is something important to do
  • You have to get to their heart before you can get to their head
  • Principals today are graded based on what kids learn, and school safety must be looked at as something which improves learning
  • School safety must have three things in place:  Relationships, partnerships, and leadership

Tomorrow’s interview with Dr. Sroka will focus on having a balanced and comprehensive approach to school safety.

Visit Dr. Steve Sroka’s web site for more information on his programs.

Ken Trump

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