School Safety Interview: Dr. Steve Sroka on School Violence Prevention – Part 2

Posted by on February 12, 2010

Yesterday’s interview with Dr. Steve Sroka (School Violence Prevention -Part One) focused on putting a human face on school safety. 

Part Two of the interview continues below as Dr. Sroka shares his insights on taking a balanced and comprehensive approach to school safety.

In the above interview, Dr. Sroka talks about:

  • School safety programs must be balanced and comprehensive
  • The four-legged chair model of school safety
  • The two “K’s”: Kindness and Kick—
  • Mental detectors, not just metal detectors
  • The Power of One

Dr. Steve Sroka is an international expert on school violence prevention and intervention, drug prevention, HIV, and teen sex issues.  

Visit Dr. Steve Sroka’s web site for more information on his programs.

I want to thank Steve for taking time out in between his national and international travels for our interview.

Ken Trump

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