School Safety Quotes: On Motivational Speakers

Posted by on January 24, 2010


“They make you laugh. They make you cry. And then they leave you wondering, ‘Why?’ All fluff, no stuff.”

       Dr. Stephen Sroka, President, Health Education Consultants


Dr. Steve Sroka is an internationally experienced speaker and consultant on youth sex, drugs, and violence issues.  As a veteran health educator and crisis intervention expert, Steve shares a concern that many people presenting themselves as “school safety experts” have little-to-no real life experience working with violence, safety, security, and crisis issues in K-12 school settings.

In today’s education world of tightening budgets and demands for accountability, school leaders cannot afford to spend very limited public dollars on “all fluff, no stuff” speakers and consultants. When hiring outside experts, schools need technical assistance from consultants with real-world experience in understanding school climate, culture, operational, and political dynamics. 

Most of all, front-line school staff need realistic, practical, and cost-effective strategies which fit K-12 settings. Getting real help from real “school people” — not an over-priced speech with a lot of hype, tears, and laughter, but little substance once the dust settles — will really make them motivated.

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