Mom arms gay son with stun gun to confront school bullying

Posted by on May 11, 2012

An Indiana gay male high school student’s mother had a legitimate concern about her son being the victim of bullying, but she made a poor choice by arming him with a stun gun.

The bully victim was apprehended by school police and subsequently expelled for brandishing the stun gun after he was reportedly confronted by bullies in a school hallway.

Darnell “Dynasty” Young made the news from local Indianapolis newspapers to an interview on CNN.

What amazed me most about the news, blog and social media buzz around this story was that some people genuinely believed Darnell should be exonerated for bringing a weapon to school because he was a bullying victim.

Do the bullies who targeted him deserve consequences? Absolutely.

Does Darnell deserve to be safe and secure in his school? Without a doubt.

But two wrongs don’t make a right, as the saying goes, and his mother should have exercised many other options parents have for addressing school safety concerns.

Has the bullying debate been so politicized by civil rights activists, special interest groups, the media frenzy, legislators and the public that we have lost touch with reality to the point of legitimizing and justifying an inappropriate parental and student response of bringing a weapon to school as a resolution for bullying?

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One thought on “Mom arms gay son with stun gun to confront school bullying

  1. Sylvana says:

    Sad that the bullying incident resulted like this. For me, student who is bully victim should inform the teacher or any school admin so that the bullying team will be talked and advised that it is not a right thing to do. Any administrative actions must be done with in the school.

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