Memorial Day reminds us of the value of ‘us’ and ‘we,’ not ‘I’

Posted by on May 28, 2012

Memorial Day celebrations should remind us of the value of “us” and “we,” not ‘I.”

If you listen to our veterans who talk about fighting wars, reflect upon those who gave their lives in war, and express gratitude and pride for those who are actively serving in wars to keep our children and nation safe, their messages are filled with “us” and “we” comments. It is almost never about “I” did this or that, or “I” fought in XYZ war.

Too often, we hear a lot about “I” and much less about “we” and “us.” Oddly enough, this can be seen in the writings of some individuals even as they claim in their writings that others spend too much time on “I” statements.  We certainly also hear “I” too much from politicians, ranging from those in today’s White House to some running today’s schoolhouses.

We are all guilty of this from time to time. But as we pause to reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, let’s follow the examples of our veterans past and present who sacrifice for “us” so that “we” can be safe and free.

Ken Trump

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