After-school girls fight presents challenges to school safety

Posted by on April 7, 2012

An after-school fight involving girls from a New Jersey high school ended with one student suffering from a knife wound and school officials in a defensive mode, according to a news story on the Bayonne High School incident.

The school’s principal reportedly was surprised by the incident, saying there was no prior history of problems with the girls. Two students were said to have been charged by police in connection with the incident.

The principal was quoted as saying school officials typically do not hear about off-campus incidents until the next school day, but they have to do their “homework” to be prepared.

Off-campus fights to-and-from-school put administrators to the test as they are often reactive to the incident but must be proactive for spin-off problems.

Having strong communications with students and parents can help school administrators and security officials prevent additional incidents from escalating and occurring when students return to school the next day. Having relationships that foster communication with school officials, including mechanisms for students and parents to report incidents that occur to-and-from school, can position administrators to better prepare heightened security and awareness measures for when students return to campus.

Do students and parents feel comfortable and know how to provide timely information to your school administrators and safety officials on incidents that happen to-and-from school?

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