Congress, The Nation’s Biggest Bullies: Fix Your Own Incivility

Posted by on November 28, 2010

Search for civility grows in Washington after midterms,” a recent U.S.A. Today headline reads. 

On the surface, the article appropriately details the polarized, hostile, and personally-attacking nature of today’s D.C. politics.  But having testified four times to Congress on school safety, and getting a closer view of the behind-the-scenes nature of American politics, I particularly found the article both accurate and humorous.

Humorous, you ask?  What is so humorous about the lack of civility among the people we pay nice salaries and perks to represent our country’s best interests?

What is humorous is that these are some of the very same people who are vocal champions for what they believe is critically needed “anti-bullying” legislation to promote “civility” among America’s school children.

Politics, by its nature, is the biggest form of bullying in the country. It is the ultimate jockeying, at the expense of others, to assume a position of power where there is repeated abuse of other persons and political parties who represent different viewpoints.  Politicians therefore are, unquestionably, the biggest bullies of all.

Perhaps Congress should clean up their own house before they, and their fellow bullies in the Obama Administration, further overreach their roles and expertise by bullying local schools with questionable federal “anti-bullying” laws and policies?

Ken Trump

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