Pop Quiz on School Safety: School Transportation Needs During a Crisis

Posted by on August 6, 2010

If your school transportation director, superintendent, or principal is asked these three questions about school transportation crisis preparedness issues, could they immediately answer each one?

  1. If you had to mobilize school buses at 10:45am to simultaneously evacuate your three largest schools, what is the response time from when the request is made until the first bus shows up at the school?
  2. Are school bus drivers and district transportation administrators trained on school emergency preparedness issues, are they trained on their district’s specific plan, and do they participate on district and building level crisis teams? 
  3. Are your school buses part of your county emergency management agency’s plan to use when a disaster strikes and they need mass transit vehicles to help transport evacuees or others in the community?

Would your school leaders pass the test?

Ken Trump

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