Law Enforcement and Educators Partner to Sustain S.C. School Safety

Posted by on May 10, 2010

Yesterday I shared how the South Carolina U.S. Attorney’s Office has taken a leadership role in promoting school safety annually for the past 19 years.   

Kevin McDonald, the Acting U.S. Attorney and First Assistant U.S. Attorney in that office, shares his perspective on the importance of federal, state, and local partnerships not only in putting together statewide training each year.  He also shares how helpful it has been working across agencies on specific incidents, including a foiled school attack plot and an officer-involved-shooting at a school:

We hear a lot about “sustainability” in today’s tight economy:  How do you keep things going over time, especially when money gets tight?  South Carolina’s U.S. Attorney’s Office and its partners have done so for 19-years!

Tell us about the partnerships for school safety you have in your school community.  What is working for you and who is involved?

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