School Board Members Speak Out on School Safety – Part 3

Posted by on April 15, 2010

School board members Maria Starks from Dyersville, Tennessee, knows what is going on with school safety in her district.  She particularly knows and appreciates the role of her School Resource Officer.  She also shares information on cell phones in schools and her personal advice for board members.

Listen to Maria Starks’ insights on school safety as Secretary of the Dyer County Board of Education:

Murry McLenehan chairs the board of the Portage la Prairie School District in Winnepeg, Manatoba, in Canada.  Murray attended the National School Boards Association Convention in Chicago, and focused part of his conference workshop attendance on school safety and crisis planning. 

Murray shared with me the things they’re doing in his Canadian district to improve security and emergency preparedness.  You might be surprised to learn what practices are similar to what we do in the United States: 

Many parents do not know what their school board does to enhance school safety, security, and emergency preparedness.  Do you?

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