What Does a Fireman Know About Being A School Board Member?

Posted by on April 16, 2010

If the fireman is Reno Contipelli, he knows a lot about school boards.  And he never stops learning about school safety and taking those lessons back to his school-community.

Reno is a professional firefighter and dedicated 17-year school board member for Cuyahoga Heights Schools in Northeast Ohio.  He also heads up the board’s school safety committee.

Reno is also very active with the Ohio School Boards Association and a regular attendee at National School Boards Association conventions.  I caught up with him at NSBA’s 2010 Chicago convention to hear more about what what he, as a first responder, brings to his role as a school board member.  Listen to what Reno shares about emergency preparedness, school-public safety partnerships, schools and terrorism, and more:

After listening to Reno’s passion, commitment, and contributions to school safety, as a parent wouldn’t you want a first responder serving on your child’s school board? 

Ken Trump

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