School Athletic Event Security: Are You Prepared?

Posted by on March 10, 2010

High school basketball game rivalries used to be fun and safe for students, parents, and other spectators.  Most of them still are safe and enjoyable today.

But many of today’s school athletic event games also require a new level of security planning by school administrators and safety officials.

In the latest of video-captured basketball game brawls, Newsday reports that the Long Island Class B title game between Malverne and Wyandanch was delayed for about 20 minutes with 1.03 minutes left in the game when a fight among spectators spilled over into the court:

The video shows what appears to be a good adult supervisory presence, a quick response by adults, efforts to contain the situation, and verbal directions over the public address system to direct spectators out of the gym. 

What security measures do you see needed? What pre-planning could be done by police and school officials to reduce risks and effectively respond to incidents like these which may occur at your school games?

I have some practical, cost-effective tips on my web site on school athletic event security which may be of interest.

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