Rest In Peace: Officer Thomas Patton II, Cleveland Heights Police

Posted by on March 18, 2010

My family’s thoughts and prayers are with the family of Thomas Patton II as they mourn his loss in the line of duty as a Cleveland Heights (Ohio) police officer.


Today I attended the funeral of Tommy Patton, a 30-year-old suburban Cleveland police officer who died in the line of duty.  He collapsed while chasing a suspect, subsequently passing away from a coronary issue.


Officer Patton hailed from a family of three generations of police officers and an extended family of police officers and other public servants.  Most importantly, Officer Patton left behind a four-month-old daughter.


The Pattons and their extended family have provided generations of public service to the Greater Cleveland community. We know firsthand not only their professional dedication to our community, but also their genuine caring and passion for their neighbors and fellow church members.


Our society is challenged by weakened moral values, dysfunctional family structures, and disorganized communities. Yet there is a thin blue line of men and women like Thomas Patton II and his family who put their lives at risk each day to hold it all together.  We all owe Officer Patton and the Patton family our prayers, as well as our promise to support those who live on each day fulfilling their commitment to serve and protect us all.


Among the many touching comments made at Officer Patton’s funeral was one made by his father, State Senator Tom Patton, who in his brief comments noted that of all of his titles he has held over the years, the best was that of “Tommy’s father.”  I didn’t see a dry eye in my section of the church after that comment, including my own.


Moments like this force us to reflect on our society, our loved ones, and our own outlook on life.  There are many in the fields of public safety, education, and other public service who work tirelessly to support our community and our families.


In honor of Officer Thomas Patton II, please take a moment to reflect, rest, care for yourself, and spend time with your loved ones.  Life is precious and cannot be taken for granted, nor can your loved ones.  Your service is appreciated and you, too, deserve time for yourself, time for your family, and peace of mind in between your public service.


Ken Trump


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