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Posted by on February 7, 2010

School safety, security, and emergency planning are critical areas for safe learning environments.  But it helps for those of us in the school safety field to have a broader understanding of the K-12 education community and its challenging issues.

As a newer blogger, I am finding a number of top-quality education blogs. My “Best of the Blogs” list (not in any type of rank order) so far includes:

  1. – Some of the most crazy, unusual school news
  2. This Week In Education by Alexander Russo at Scholastic
  3. Dangerously Irrelevant by Dr. Scott McLeod (Iowa State University, technology and educational leadership)
  4. Politics K-12 – by Education Week’s Michele McNeil and Alyson Klein

Stay tuned for more as I dive deeper into the blogosphere!

What are your favorite education blogs?

Ken Trump

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