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Posted by on January 7, 2010

Parents will forgive educators if their test scores go down.  They are much less forgiving if something happens to their child at school which could have been prevented.

As a superintendent once said to me, “If I mess up with school safety, it will be my career-ender.” 

The good news is we can prevent school violence and make our schools safer. The first and best line of defense is not a metal detector, but a well-trained and highly-alert school staff and student body.

School Security Blog offers a safety net for safer schools.  It is a community for school board members, superintendents, principals, teachers, school support staff, school resource officers – school police, and school safety professionals.  It is also a community for parents, students, media, public safety officials, and other champions of school safety.

I know those who join us in this new community will share success stories, ask questions, challenge the status quo, dispel myths, and impart new knowledge.   But most of all, I hope we build relationships around our common goal of school safety. 

People make schools and communities safe for children.  The stronger the relationships of the caretakers of children, the greater the chance of improving school and community safety for our kids.

Will you join me in building this new community for K-12 school safety?

Ken Trump


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