Motivating and Inspiring School Safety Participation

Posted by on January 28, 2010

Commercials have never been a favorite part of my TV time, which is typically limited to cable news in airports, hotels, and my office background.  But I’ve actually stumbled on a series of TV commercials I look forward to seeing over and over.

The Foundation for a Better Life has a series of inspirational TV spots worth watching.  The segments have no sales message other than promoting values and inspiration.  And Heaven knows we need more of both in today’s world.

My favorites (so far):  Homecoming, Cafeteria, and Concert (my #1 vote).  Check them out.

Inspiration and motivation also hit home today when I keynoted a school safety and security workshop for the Northwest Indiana Public School Superintendents’ Study Council in Merrillville, Indiana.  From the early beginning to the program’s end, it was clear the room was filled with education and safety professionals who are serious and committed to school safety in their districts.

Our presence and productive day became a reality due to the motivation and inspiration generated by the core group of program organizers.  Dr. Sharon Johnson-Shirley, Superintendent of the Lake Ridge School Corporation, along with fellow Lake County Safe Schools Commission members Milan Damjanovic, Larry Juzwicki, and Bob McDermott, lead the drive to make this program a reality. 

This dynamic crew has lead a long list of accomplishments for the safety commission over the years.  How have they done it in addition to their “regular jobs” in education?  By being passionate, motivated, and inspired school safety advocates.

Sincere and genuine passion, motivation, and inspiration can spread like wildfire.  Sustaining it over the long run, though, is a challenge.   This is especially true in today’s education community where test scores, funding problems, and other challenges dominate the agendas of superintendents, board members, and principals across the nation.  

I have been inspired by The Foundation for a Better Life series of inspirational TV spots.   Like others in Northwest Indiana today, I was also inspired by the motivation and commitment of the Lake County Safe Schools Commission and Superintendents’ Study Council members. 

Who is inspiring and motivating your students, teachers, support staff, parents, and safety officials to be school safety advocates?

Ken Trump

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