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Proactive School Security & Emergency Preparedness Planning Book

Proactive School Security and

Emergency Preparedness Planning


Ken Trump's newest book: A comprehensive, practical resource for best practices in school safety, security, emergency / crisis planning. Topics range from prevention to preparedness with new chapters and sub-chapters on current issues and hot topics in school safety.

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Proactive School Security & Emergency Preparedness Planning Book

“Ken Trump's book outlines what he has demonstrated throughout his career: How schools can collaborate with law enforcement, emergency management, and mental health professionals for better crisis planning. I believe many of the incidents of school crises could have been, and should have been, prevented. The information in this landmark book will reduce school violence and save lives. I recommend it with the highest possible praise.”

Dr. Scott Poland

Associate Professor and Coordinator of Suicide and Violence Prevention

Nova Southeastern University Center for Psychological Studies;

Member, National Emergency Assistance Team;

Past President of the National Association of School Psychologists


Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning introduces new dedicated full chapters on managing the current national hysteria around bullying, preparing schools for terrorism, managing school safety on tight budgets, parents and school safety, and managing media and parent communications in the postcrisis stage of school emergency planning. These five new chapters offer practical, common-sense frameworks and steps school leaders can take to proactively manage and respond to highly visible, emotional, and political aspects of school safety leadership in today’s security-sensitive school community. The guidance in these chapters will help school leaders navigate complex school safety issues while operating under unprecedented budget constraints.

Educators and safety officials will also benefit from new subchapter sections on hot topics that have emerged over the years since my first books. Administration building and board meeting security, after-hours school security; athletic and large event security; cell phones; Election Day security; elementary school security; Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and school privacy exceptions; Tasers and school police; training staff on school security and emergency preparedness; transportation security; diversifying emergency drills; tabletop exercises; and financial and continuity of operations plans are among the new and expanded subchapters. Readers who found my earlier publications helpful in covering a wide range of school security issues will find more best practices and issues to consider with the addition of these new topics.

Practical, cost-effective, and realistic ideas are loaded into these chapters and subchapters:

  • The Evolving Threats to School Security
  • The "Politricks" of School Security: Denial, Image, and Underreporting
  • Comprehensive School Safety Planning and Leadership
  • School Security Assessments
  • School Security Strategies and Issues: Board meeting and administration office security, athletic and large event security, bomb threats and suspicious devices, cell phones and text messaging, gangs, hotlines and anonymous reporting, private and independent schools, SROs and school police, school security staffing, student involvement in school safety planning, Tasers and school police, transportation security, uniforms and dress codes, zero tolerance, and more
  • Managing Bullying (without new programs and expenses)
  • Preparing Schools for Terrorism
  • Managing School Safety on Tight Budgets
  • Parents and School Safety
  • Early Warning Signs of Violence
  • Assessing and Managing Threats
  • Lessons Learned from School Crisis Incidents
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning and Preparation
  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management
  • Managing Media and Parent Communications on School Safety and Crisis Issues
  • The Post-Crisis Crisis:  Mental Health, Security, Financial, Operational Continuity, Liability, and School-Community Political Issues
  • Future Directions: State, Federal, and Academic Support for School Safety

...and much more!

A full look at the Table of Contents at Corwin's web site will provide more details.


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Quotes from the field ...

“Ken Trump's book outlines what he has demonstrated throughout his career: How schools can collaborate with law enforcement, emergency management, and mental health professionals for better crisis planning. I believe many of the incidents of school crises could have been, and should have been, prevented. The information in this landmark book will reduce school violence and save lives. I recommend it with the highest possible praise.”  Dr. Scott Poland, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Suicide and Violence Prevention;  Nova Southeastern University Center for Psychological Studies

"This book is invaluable to education and safety leaders working daily on the front-lines to provide the safest, most secure learning environment possible in their schools. It is the next best thing to having Kenneth Trump working in your school district." John Weicker, Director of Security; Fort Wayne Community Schools, IN

"Definitely a must-have desk reference for school principals. Ken offers need-to-know, practical school safety and emergency preparedness strategies not taught in “Principalship 101”!   Dr. Asia Jones, Executive Director for Student Support Services;      Roanoke City Public Schools, VA

"Ken is the #1 authority on school safety issues surrounding the educational community." Matthew McDevitt, Board Member; Pennsuaken Board of Education, NJ

"Ken Trump is the preeminent national authority on school safety and emergency preparedness planning, but he also thinks like a school administrator. In this book, Ken offers a comprehensive list of practical solutions to a myriad of issues that impact school personnel’s attempts to improve school safety and emergency preparedness. This book does not belong on a bookshelf. It belongs on the desk of every school administrator and teacher for immediate and frequent access."  Dr. John Hutton, Superintendent;  Gurnee School District 56, IL

"This book is a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in ensuring that our schools are safe learning environments and that they are prepared to deal with any unexpected crises. The author is a highly experienced and respected expert in school safety and security, with decades of practical experience in schools throughout the country."   Dr. C. Ronald Huff, Professor of Criminology, Law and Society; University of California, Irvine

"There is no concern more chilling to school board members and superintendents than any issue related to school safety. This book uniquely captures current best practices in school safety and security that Ken Trump helped our school district and community implement over an 18-month period. The comprehensive consideration of school safety from the perspective of the leading national expert make this book an indispensable reference for school leaders at all levels."  Tom Evert, retired superintendent and Amy Van Deuren , former school board member; School District of Janesville, WI

"Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning is a priceless resource, especially for administrators expected to create and maintain safe learning environments. No other single volume provides a more comprehensive, relevant, and accurate guide for planning and practice."  Theodore J. Kowalski, Professor & the Kuntz Family Chair in Educational Administration;
University of Dayton, OH

"Ken Trump has established himself as a leading advocate for school safety and security.  This book raises the bar to a new level.  The comprehensive, thoughtful and practical work certainly will be utilized for years to come by those of us who are responsible for crisis planning and management within our school districts.  Every school's motto should be "Education First ...Safety and Security Always"  and Ken's new book provides the tools to meet this goal."   Linda Speer Graham, Ed.S., Crisis Coordinator, Nettleton School District, Jonesboro, AR

"We had the advantage of working directly with Ken and had immediate access to his wealth of knowledge on school safety. Having a book by him as a resource would be the next best thing."  Dr. Karen Schulte, Superintendent, School District of Janesville, WI

"Finally, a comprehensive and common sense approach to school safety with practical nuts and bolts answers.  Ken's book is a must read for every school safety leader in this country regardless of their level of experience or expertise. It is the kind of book one will use as a reference book time and time again."  Chuck Hibbert, Coordinator of Safety and Transportation Services, M.S.D. of Wayne Township, Indianapolis, IN (retired); and President of Hibbert Safe School Consulting, Indianapolis, IN

"Every educator responsible for the safety and well being of students needs to learn from this practical and comprehensive resource from Ken Trump. Ken’s experience gives us the insight and even more importantly the critical steps to take in preventing, managing, and dealing with the aftermath of a crisis. Much of his advice deals with building relationships with school, community and government officials, a key element in crisis communications that is often overlooked until it is too late. Superintendents need to put this book on their principals’ reading list and discuss changes for their school districts.  Rich Bagin, APR, Executive Director, National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA)  

"Ken Trump has made this book the perfect follow up to his last book which dealt with how schools can prevent and manage school crises.  Both books should be mandatory texts in every course of study designed to prepare educators to assume leadership roles as principals and superintendents.  Advocating for understanding the need for intelligent and sensible emergency planning is one of Ken's passions.  The reader may expect honest, straightforward, and useful information and concepts."   Jack Martin, retired Supervisor of Security and Chief of Police, Indianapolis Public Schools, Indianapolis, IN

“One of the most astute and knowledgeable experts on the issue of school safety in the U.S., Ken Trump is a tremendously valuable resource in terms of security planning and best practices in keeping our students and faculty safe. His expertise and exceptionally thoughtful grasp of the way schools work make him an outstanding consultant for both private and public schools, and I recommend him most enthusiastically.”  William Christ, Head of School, Hathaway Brown School, Shaker Heights, OH

"Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning combines Ken Trump's cutting edge research and common sense to help you plan a comprehensive coordinated community approach to school security. The book addresses the history of school safety, the complex and controversial realities of today, and considerations for the future. It is simply the best investment you can make to help keep your kids safe and healthy so that they can learn more and live better." Dr. Stephen Sroka, President, Health Education Consultants and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Family Medicine and Adolescent Health, Case Western Reserve University

"The emphasis on collecting data and working with community leaders and parents fills this book with practical assessments of common problems and solutions." James A. Cox, Editor in Chief, The Midwest Book Review, August 2011

"In Proactive School Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning, Ken Trump has done a masterful job of providing an extensive and practical description of what schools need to do to help their students, staff, and campuses be safe, secure, and prepared for a wide variety of emergencies. An international expert in this area, Trump addresses such critical topics as school safety planning and leadership, school security strategies and procedures, and emergency readiness and planning. But he does this by providing the step-by-step check-lists that schools need to identify the “early warning signals” that can prevent many threats from becoming crises, and the “intervention and response” protocols that resolve and debrief these crises if they do occur. This is an essential guide for any district or school that wants to comprehensively evaluate its prevention and response system in the multifaceted areas related to school safety. The knowledge and experience reflected in this book will be relevant and should be heeded for many years to come." Dr. Howie Knoff, President, Project ACHIEVE and Director, Arkansas State Improvement Grant, Arkansas Department of Education; Past-President (1989-1990), National Association of School Psychologists, Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Psychologist, Arkansas

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